Now ,the results of the Zibo Science and Technologyprogress award is announced,Zibo Boshan Mengyou Tempered glass productsfactory’s tempered glass anti dazzle board win it.The project is made by us independentresearch and development, having a numb
Date:2017-03-22 Views:600
In February 27th, the four plenary session of theeight District Federation of trade unions (enlarged) conference and "loveGonghui" innovation experience of promotion conference is held at thedistrict conference center.The deputy secretary of the dist
Date:2017-03-03 Views:615
February 6, 2017, East Street, Boshan District Officeheld a grand recognition of the Eastern Conference 2016". The generalassembly to implement the central of county, provincial, municipal and districtto a series of major decisions and arrangements,
Date:2017-02-13 Views:678
In February 4, 2017, Boshan District 2016 annualceremony was held in the Yuanshan hall, the conference aims to commendadvanced, establish a benchmark. To mobilize the whole region quickly from thefestive atmosphere to come out with more enthusiasm, m
Date:2017-02-08 Views:579
The day before, our company’s"tempered glass anti dazzle board project" was passed by ZiboMunicipal Science and Technology Bureau of the expert review audit, which wasofficially included in the 2016 annual Zibo science and technology developmentpro
Date:2017-02-03 Views:603
Entering the 2017 jeongyujaeran Rooster year, Zibo Boshan Mengyou tempered glass productfactory designing a new series product -Golden Rooster with happiness for new and old customers."Rooster"is homophoni withChinese letter "Ji" , people likes the r
Date:2017-02-03 Views:619
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