According to the Provincial Bureau of theprovince's small and medium enterprises "on 2016 workingarrangements" and "on the recommendation of the fifth batch ofShandong Province, the new special expertise of small and medium-sizedenterprises noti
Date:2016-10-08 Views:403
On August 15th, 2016, the second plenarymeeting of Shandong Entrepreneurs Association was held in Ji'nan. The meetingwas chaired by Secretary General Wang Jun. The meeting examined and adopted the"construction of the Shandong province Entreprene
Date:2016-08-22 Views:492
Onthe afternoon of August 10th , the general manager of Zibo Boshan MengyouTempered glass products factory, Meng Deyou (now the Agricultural Labor PartyChinese Medicine Hospital branch) a few people, visit Li Jianru who will enterthe university gate
Date:2016-08-11 Views:550
Wiping broken glass tableware knocked thedoor of the world - the article tells the story of Zibo Boshan Mengyou Temperedglass products factory in the district, district government and other leadersat all levels of care and support, since the patent
Date:2016-08-09 Views:462
July 18, 2016 morning, the seventh sessionof the Third Council of China Daily Glass Association was held in ChangchunCity, Jilin province. From all over the country, more than 130 domestic glassindustry directors to participate in the council,"Fulfil
Date:2016-07-21 Views:470
In order to further improve the productivity of ourfactory, enhancing the image of Mengyou factory , we recently conducted theBSCI factory inspection (enterprise DBID:358763), to achieve a one-timesuccessful through, the contract also recently signed
Date:2016-06-21 Views:637
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