Glass spot pull up period price volatility
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Glass spot pull up period price volatility

On 17th , glass 1601 opened newspaper 887 yuan / ton, compared with the previous trading day fell by 1.0%, fluctuated throughout the day downward trend, closing report of 882 yuan / ton fell 1.56% and positions were 126754 hand, the volume of a total of 69744 hand, the highest price for 895 yuan / ton, the lowest price for 880 yuan / ton.

Spot, according to monitoring, 17 national Low-E glass market performance in general, today, the national dealer weighted average price 162.79 yuan / square meters. 17 national float glass original film production enterprise production and marketing situation stable, prices remained steady, dealers across the country weighted average price 15.81 yuan / square meters. Affected by seasonal factors limiting the production of environmental protection with glass now pull up sharply last week. Shahe spot cumulative rose 40 yuan / ton.  

Environment, Hebei limited production list shows that large area glass manufacturers limited production in Shahe area last week. The glass production only by reducing raw material inputs, thus reducing the production of finished products, resulting in the unit cost increase. Affected by this, the Shahe area last week, the cumulative price increases of 40 to 980 yuan / ton. Wuhan quotes with up, the lowest price 820 yuan / ton. Seasonal demand and traders hoard goods has amplified the price fluctuation. National price rally boosted the market last week, manufacturers inventory to fast, one week inventory plummeted 560 thousand weight boxes to 34 million 410 thousand weight boxes.

And the statistical bureau news coverage of the recently released the latest data show that in July 2015, above scale industrial added value of an actual increase of 6.0%, 0.8 percentage points lower than June. From the chain, in July, above scale industrial added value increased by 0.32% over the previous month. 1-7 months, above scale industrial added value increased by 6.3%. July flat glass production of 59 million 260 thousand cases, down 13.5%, the first 7 months of flat glass production of 456 million 400 thousand cases, down 7.4%, flat glass production fell further, supply and demand situation has been eased.

Glass or peak demand for environmental protection and the market will likely continue to pull up, is expected to glass prices will continue to shock wave, the operation can be more dips.

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