Fuyao Glass market is included in the Hang Seng Index of global growth
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Fuyao Glass market is included in the Hang Seng Index of global growth

Recently, Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index company announced in the first half of the constituents of the results of this review, Fuyao Glass Industry Group Co., Ltd. (Fuyao Glass, H shares code 3606, A-share code 600660) were included in the global composite Hang Seng Index, Hang Seng Index Series and Hang Seng ah index series give,  It takes effect since September 14, 2015 .

The Hang Seng index is known as a barometer of the Hong Kong stock market, Fuyao Glass automotive glass industry as a leader in March 2015 completed H shares in the global issue and the realization of "a + H" capital market pattern. The first quarter of three included in the company by the Hang Seng Index index series, due to the excellent market performance robust Fuyao glass.

First half of 2015. China's economy into the "new normal", auto industry slowdown, Fuyao still contrarian growth, operating income of 65. 9 billion 100 million yuan, enhance 6. 64%; net profit of 12. 1 billion 600 million yuan, up 16%. Actively promote the United States and Russia to invest in the building, the layout of globalization has made substantial progress. In an expanding market, to promote the company high added value products, BMW, Audi and other more than 10 kinds of new type business, closely follow the development trend of automotive glass industry, to increase the funds for new product R & D investment, to further strengthen the ability of European and American design center, effective service to customers.

For the first time into the global composite Hang Seng Index and two index series of stocks and as Shanghai dividend index ", CCTV finance" 50 Index constituent stocks, the company said will unswervingly vigorously promote internationalization strategy, to enhance the international competitiveness, to continue to promote the technology innovation, lean manufacturing, management upgrade, to further enhance the brand value of "Fuyao", back to our shareholders, investors and consumers.

The Hang Seng Index series:

Listed on the main board of the stock exchange of Hong Kong Securities with a total market capitalization of the highest 95% covered provides a comprehensive Hong Kong market indicators. The Hang Seng Composite index is used to calculate the value of the circulation market value. It can be used as a benchmark for the issue of index funds, mutual funds and performance measures.

The Hang Seng Index of global:

Provides a comprehensive Hong Kong market indicators that reflect the overall performance of the listed on the main board of the Hong Kong stock exchange all companies (including foreign companies).

The Hang Seng Index Series AH:

Contains AH share premium of the hang sang index and four price index, namely the Hang Seng ah shares a + H index, Hang Seng ah shares a index, Hang Seng ah shares H index and the Hang Seng ah shares index savvy; ah series index constituent stocks contains also to be listed a shares and H shares in the form of, the largest market capitalization and turnover is the most active of mainland Chinese companies. Hang AH Index Series in the mainland, also known as the Hang Seng mainland and Hongkong listed AH index series.

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