MDY Glass Products Factory participated in the China Yiwu Cultural and Tourism Products Trading Expo and won a bronze medal
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On March 31, 2023, the three-day 17th China Yiwu Culture and Tourism Products Trade Fair was officially opened in Zhejiang Yiwu International Expo Center. This exhibition was co sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and Zhejiang Provincial People's Government. The exhibition features the theme of "Sailing on a New Journey and Enjoying a New Life", with a total of enterprises and institutions from 28 provinces and cities across the country participating in this exhibition.

Shandong Mengyou has brought various exquisite cultural and creative products, such as the "Fu Lu Lian", "The Holy Ancestor", "Confucian Spring and Autumn", and "Auspicious Blue and White" series, which not only include Mengyou's classic works, but also new products for the development of antibacterial glass series. Each piece showcases the cultural charm of Meng You, attracting many visitors to stop and admire.

After winning the second prize in the cultural IP creativity category of the first 2020 Shandong Provincial Boutique Tourism Cultural and Creative Development Competition and the excellent award in the social group of the second 2021 Shandong Provincial Boutique Tourism Cultural and Creative Design Competition, the "Auspicious Blue and White" series of anti drop tempered glass tableware won the bronze award in the 2023 China Tourism Commodity Competition (traditional craft modern life theme).

Xiangrui blue and white products are a combination of tempered glass technology and tableware. They are resistant to sudden cold and heat, lead-free and chromium free, and environmentally friendly. They are designed with auspicious patterns of rare flowers, rare grasses, auspicious birds, auspicious beasts, and good wishes. Putting blue and white tones into practice, identifying achievements, and leading domestically. It has the characteristics of safety and durability, recyclability of resources, and artistic practicality.

Next, Shandong Mengyou will continue to design and develop cultural and creative works with innovative concepts and profound connotations, contributing to further promoting the innovative development of regional cultural characteristics and enhancing the high-quality development of cultural tourism integration.

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