Warm congratulations to Shandong Mengyou on being awarded the title of "National High tech Enterprise"
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Recently, the Office of the Leading Group for the Recognition and Management of National High tech Enterprises issued a notice on the filing of the second batch of high-tech enterprises recognized and reported by Shandong Province's certification institutions in 2023. Shandong Mengyou New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. has successfully been listed and officially entered the ranks of national high-tech enterprises.

The recognition of high-tech enterprises is a comprehensive and strict recognition of the core independent intellectual property rights, technological achievement transformation ability, research and development organization and management level, and enterprise growth indicators of enterprises in the high-tech field supported by the state, reflecting the scientific and technological innovation ability and technological achievement transformation strength of enterprises. As a national level qualification recognition, the title of "High tech Enterprise" is one of the highest honors of Chinese science and technology enterprises, and also an authoritative recognition of the scientific research strength of enterprises.

Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to technological innovation as its core, committed to providing customers with high-quality products and services. While continuously promoting technological innovation, increasing the conversion of production efficiency has played a positive role in enhancing the R&D strength of enterprises, enhancing core competitiveness, and embarking on a new journey of high-quality development.

The successful selection of a high-tech enterprise this time is a milestone in the progress of Shandong Mengyou's scientific and technological achievements. It is an authoritative recognition of the core indicators of the enterprise's high-tech product service ability, scientific and technological innovation strength, and a motivation and encouragement for the enterprise's scientific research and technological innovation personnel. New honors, new starting points, Shandong Mengyou will continue to adhere to technological innovation, increase research and development investment, and continuously improve the technological content and market competitiveness of its products. At the same time, Shandong Mengyou will actively fulfill its social responsibility and contribute to the achievement of green and sustainable development goals.

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